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Pray about your situation in tongues until you know what to do. When the pressure starts, press toward peace—resist the temptation to become impatient. Stay with it until you are out of debt. God sees the complete picture. So relax by faith and press into the wisdom of God to know HOW to get out of debt.

As you listen for the Spirit of God, you will begin to see Him work. Keep an eye out! Keep listening for God, follow what He says, and watch for the supernatural. In order to increase your receiving, you have to go to a higher level of giving. This is a spiritual law, and a critical step you need to take if you want to live a debt-free life. But with God, you can give your way out of debt! Many people make the huge mistake of discontinuing their tithing and sowing when trying to get out of debt.

But debt freedom is dependent upon staying in a continual state of sowing and reaping. When we honor the Lord with our tithing and giving, we are candidates for overflow Proverbs So, he went before the Lord, and God told him that KCM needed to start tithing 10 percent of its income into other ministries. But obeying God is always a good idea. As KCM began to sow the 10 percent, the million-dollar deficit began to disappear. The laws of sowing and reaping were at work and succeeding. As you set out to become debt free, open your spiritual ears to hear where and how much God wants you to sow for your harvest.

As money begins to come to you, sometimes the Lord will instruct you to put money toward your debt, while other times He will direct you to sow. His plan is perfect! No matter what: Do not quit giving, do not quit sowing, do not quit tithing. What does it mean to rest?

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Some people think it means to do nothing, but spiritual rest is an active decision to cast your cares—all your cares—upon the Lord. The indicator of faith is rest. Most of the time, faith does not make sense. Human reason is used as a weapon of the devil to rob you of faith. Worry is just a down payment on something that might not happen. Instead, let patience have her perfect work. Maintain your faith under trial—be constant in your stand for debt freedom. I refuse to carry the care any longer. You are well able to able to carry it and well able to provide whatever I need.

According to Hebrews , , I enter the rest and peace of God concerning my debt freedom. I believe it, receive it and walk in it. I am free! My days of worry and anxiety, pressure and stressing over debt are over forever!

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Your email address will not be published. Hi Gabby. I was very active in 12 step recovery for the first 12 years or so and then I got away from it. About nine months ago I fell into a personal crises which continues to plague me daily, despite the counselling and prayers and trying so hard to get past it. I already feel some relief since making a sincere attempt to get out of the way and let go. Do you have any suggestions for me in that regard? Thank you Craig. Your friend handed you that book for a reason.

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First, what book are you reading? Is it Spirit Junkie or something else? During Level 2 of my Spirit Junkie Masterclass training, I train students to lead workshops based on my book May Cause Miracles, which is the only training I offer for any of my books. However, you can create your own book club or group around my book or any book! You may be able to find folks by posting flyers in your local library, community centers or churches, or online on a site such as Meetup or NextDoor. I also want to make the gentle suggestion that you give yourself plenty of time to do the personal spiritual work you feel called to do.

Perhaps right now you might just want to talk about the book with the friend who give it to you. Thank you for sharing this. Thank you for being a force for love. This is GOLD!!

10 Steps to Freedom

I discovered it yday on Super Soul Conversation and will listen to it daily!!!! Thank you for your wisdom and teachings have been a blessing for so many, including me. I thought of you as this amazing young girl, and today, I am speechless.

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  • I hope someday soon, I can have the opportunity to say Thank you, again. My life has been transformed and God, the Universe has it all under control May God continue to bless you and your family. Sending you lots of love and healing Kat.

    Showing up here is a beautiful sign that you are open and ready. Practice the 5 steps in this blog, remembering to be very gentle and patient with your process. Try incorporating these for the next month and see how your energy shifts. At 55 I have realized how much harder we…lol… strike that! I realize how much harder I have made my journey to become my true self. Finally I understand that it is the fear that had me driving my own control bus to prevent me from feeling the pain and failure and shame of younger years that had me frozen, living a very respectable and oftentimes enviable life … yet deep down, always feeling that I am not good enough to be the me that I was afraid to believe could ever be possible.

    Afraid to manifest. Thank you Gabby for the reinforcement and the example that is always there when we doubt. Your honesty and heartfelt truths are like a warm blanket of affirmation. Thank you! Beautiful Suzanne. I encourage you to keep shining your bright light!

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    This book has really been a game changer for me and helped me to restore my faith and trust in the Universe. I began reading it in Feb after my husband and I conceived our 3 child. In March, I miscarried.

    I actually had the book with me in the ER before I received the news. I trusted in that moment that no matter the outcome the universe has a plan for us. During this emotional time of grief I kept reading your book and trusting that the Universe had my back. Ultimately I learned that I needed to work on my own healing and like you said, to mother myself. The last few months have been devoted to that healing. I want to thank you for your amazing work that has encouraged and inspired me to go deep, to add more ing in my life, to start a meditation practice, learn about tapping, witness my judgement, forgive and choose love more in my marriage and really letting go of my need to control my surroundings and trust the Universe.

    I love your books and hope to meet you in Atlanta in November to say Thank you!

    Being “spiritual” is a process of ongoing, daily action.

    Grateful that the book and tools are serving you Kristin. Thank you for showing up here and for this beautiful, heartfelt share. Sending lots of love and continued healing your way. Gabby i saw a yellow butterfly as a sign from universe. It was amazing!!! You re special,girl!