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It takes more than an exceptional teacher to keep students engaged, excited, and energized. Concordia offers Master of Education program on our campus in Portland, Oregon; online; or hybrid in a mix of both these class options. Not all programs are offered in all modalities.

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Some concentrations vary in the number of concentration courses; your student services advisor will be able to help you plan your course of study. This course will provide teachers with the resources and skills necessary to integrate character themes and character development into their school curriculum. Course provides a forum in which to discuss and develop one's own moral perspectives on the basis of generally accepted criteria. This course is designed to provide leaders with the latest psychological research about learning and guide them in exploring ways to directly apply these precepts to their current work setting.

Topics include cognitive science, learning theory, and relevant teaching theories that utilize this information.

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The course fuses the latest biological and psychological understanding of how the brain learns so candidates can harness this knowledge and apply it directly to learning situations. Course challenges candidates to confront the tremendous diversity in their current environment and develop strategies to build community in the midst of the social, ethnic, economic, and alternative lifestyle differences that permeate today's 21st century workplace.

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Candidates identify, review, and analyze major trends and issues impacting the contemporary state and national educational scenes. Each class session provides students with an opportunity to evaluate the advantages and liabilities of current educational reforms and issues from the perspective of prevailing educational research as well as from their own personal beliefs and current work environment.

Candidates will also consider how they can impact and influence change in their own workplace. Please note: Completing a Master of Education degree program does not lead to state certification or licensure. The MEd is not designed or intended to lead in any way toward a teaching license, endorsement, or administrative credential. Congratulations on taking the next step and applying for admission to Concordia University-Portland.

We have tried to make the application process as quick and easy as possible. We believe that everyone should have access to a college education.

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Learn more about Aid and Scholarships. Specialize in an area that invigorates you. Students receive a snack right after school and then have the opportunity to play outside or in the gym as well as some quieter activities during that time. Our extended care teacher, Nate Hartman, is a Concordia alumni who coaches basketball here as well and is studying to be a teacher.

His energy, heart for the kids and love of fun keeps the kids begging to stay at school past pm. Students can be signed up for every day, once a month, or just on the days you need it. For more information, please call the school office at , email admin concordiaseattle. Summer camp is available for children ages 4 through 5th grade.

We have one program for children ages 4 and 5 and a separate program for those who have completed Kindergarten through 5th grade. Enrollment will begin in February. Watch for enrollment form in early-mid February. Please feel free to contact our Summer Camp Directors with any questions.

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  • Preschool Camps: Pam Curry preschool concordiaseattle. Concordia facilities, especially our wonderful gymnasium, are used for a wide variety of events. If you are interested in using our facilities, please contact our administrative assistant, Kristen admin concordiaseattle. Preschool Lake City. Summer Camp. Preschool Wedgwood. Facility Rental. Elementary and Middle School Teams. Every class has students at varying academic levels.

    Every student can master concepts. God created each human with unique weaknesses, strengths, and personalities. Multiage Teams. Students making friends with children the same and different ages as themselves A solid relationship between teachers and students as they get to know each other over the course of more than one year Students working on material that meets their own level of learning see more in next section A family. Personalized, Mastery Learning. Competitive Food Sales. Food Safety. School Bus Drivers. Student Transportation Services. Bus Routes and Schedules. Bus Inspections.

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