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Sky Empire: Conquerors

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In the s, her Grandfather travelled from India to work on the railways in a British colony in Kenya. In exchange he was granted a British passport and when political trouble arose in Kenya in the s, he came to Britain with his young family and settled in Birmingham. With the increase of migration in the west, there appears to be a feeling of nostalgia or loss of national identity.

In some cases these feelings are beginning to manifest themselves in unpleasant ways. It has a nice mix of pounding, vocal-chord rupturing affairs twinned with comparatively softer tracks, with a few horns, strings and spoken word thrown in for good measure, and retains their usual cinematic flair. It questions what it is to be human in this day and age, in a zeitgeist characterised by technologically dependant lifestyles and living lives for tomorrow, or for yesterday.

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I might be gone tomorrow, and so may you. The build up and tension is almost palpable; the anger bubbling under the surface, more so.

The spoken word intro, in many other cases, might feel flat or forced, but not here. And what an album.