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A few months later, my father would overdose on heroin, which was not his usual poison, so that for years I was convinced he was murdered. Drug addiction, of course, was not a concept I fully understood.

Black Hand

So when my great-grandparents died, their money went to my two aunts, Coralie and Susan — and none to me. So when the inheritance was being divided out between my aunt Susan, who has three children, and my aunt Coralie, who has none, it was decided that my aunt Coralie would use a portion of her inheritance — which would have, if life were gentler and more fair, have gone to my father — to pay for my college degree. The freedom that gift afforded me is indescribable.

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I worked during college, but I was never hard-up for money, and I now have a good degree from a good school that I am blessed to not have to pay for. But that money comes with a lot of pain and shame, too.

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And I feel a good measure of guilt for not having college loans when nearly everyone I know is crushed under the weight of their own. Further, this study shows that even predicting net worth from that same family's net worth five years prior also controlling for savings during the interim , there remains a significantly negative effect of African American race.

Volume 71 , Issue 1. The full text of this article hosted at iucr.

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Inheritance of extreme overweight in black families.

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