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In fact, the two residents stared at each other for a few seconds while they took in the scene in front of them. There was Masha in her normal spot looking up at them, but there was also a new addition next to her. Lying behind the garbage shoot and inside the box that Masha usually used as a bed was a baby!

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The residents were overwhelmed and had no idea what was going on, especially as Masha seemed to be protecting the baby. For some reason, Masha had decided to take on responsibility for the abandoned child. Instead of hissing at it or scaring it, she decided to look after it and make sure that it was okay. Not only did she lay down next to the baby to keep it warm, but her presence also seemed to soothe the child as it stopped crying as soon as she made her way into the bed.

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After the event, Lavrova was interviewed by a Russian television network by the name of RT. During this interview, she was asked about what her initial reaction was when she first saw Masha curled up next to an abandoned baby. She confessed that she was incredibly shocked and had no idea what to do at first. While those around Masha were incredibly impressed with her and her life-saving techniques, they were also incredibly worried about the child.

Was it okay? How long had it been there? Where were its parents? Lavrova could see that the baby was incredibly young. It was not a newborn, but it was perhaps around three months old and still vulnerable to the outside world. However, the baby had not been abandoned by itself.

It’s late November here in Vermont ~ the time of year for hibernation.

Lavrova noticed that a few supplies had been left beside the young boy. Whoever had left the child there had made sure that they would be okay for a few days, as there were diapers, a bottle of milk, and even a few items of clothing in a bag next to him. Although Lavrova was grateful for the supplies, these items just made Lavrova even more upset.

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If someone had gone to this much trouble to leave the baby with supplies, they had definitely planned to abandon the child. When Lavrova and the other resident finally snapped out of their reverie and understood what was really going on in front of them, they knew that they had to do something.

Masha had called for help, and they needed to as well. So, they decided to call the police and the paramedics. They knew the authorities would know what to do with the abandoned child, but they also wanted to make sure that the baby was healthy. In fact, Masha did not want the baby to leave her sight. Because of this, Masha followed the baby wherever it was taken.

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When one of the paramedics took the child to the ambulance to give him a check-up, Masha followed closely behind. Not only this, but he also meowed at the ambulance until she saw the baby with her own eyes again. The ambulance crew decided that it would be best to take the abandoned baby to the hospital to give him a real once-over and give him somewhere safe and warm to stay until they could find a place for him to live.

As soon as the ambulance started to drive away, Masha ran after it. Those who were on the scene could tell that Masha was a highly intelligent cat. In fact, residents of the apartment building confirmed that Masha sat by the road for hours after the baby was taken away. It was almost as if she was waiting for him to return safe and sound so that she could continue to look after him.

The doctors gave him a thorough check-up to see if he had been affected by the cold weather, but Masha had been able to keep him as warm as possible while he was outside in the open. A spokesperson for the local hospital later spoke to a news agency and confirmed that the baby boy was going to be fine and had no injuries in any way from his ordeal. Why had the baby been abandoned in the first place? The person who left the child had no idea that Masha would be on hand to look after him with her motherly instinct, which means that the baby would have been left out in the cold with nothing else for comfort.

As soon as the hospital staff and Lavrova heard that the baby was safe and well, they immediately got stuck into their next job. They needed to find his parents, or search for someone who had any idea where he had come from. The authorities did everything they could to try and track down his biological parents, but ultimately struggled to find any clues towards his past.

In fact, the only thing they could be sure of was that Masha was a hero for saving the life of the baby. Since this incredible event, Masha has been treated like a celebrity. Those who live in the apartment block are incredibly proud of the fact that she not only looked after the baby, but she also did everything she could to ensure that he was as safe as he could possibly be even after the authorities arrived.

Guess what that cat saw...

Because of this, the residents decided to spoil her rotten and pay her even more attention than they already did. She was part of the family, and they would always be proud of her. As soon as the other residents of the building heard of the new discovery, they all banded together once again. Masha had become such a huge part of their lives they also wanted to help the baby she had saved. Because of this, they all decided to lend a helping hand. They offered up spare food, spare clothing, and even spare toys that their own children had outgrown to make sure that the baby got the best second chance at life after receiving such a poor start.

Although Masha found herself in a new and scary circumstance when she walked in on a crying baby, she did everything she could to ensure that the little guy was okay. After all, babies in particular need to be kept warm to stay healthy. Locals, as well as those who heard the story, have hailed Masha as a hero for the tremendous way she made sure the baby boy stayed safe.

When people learned of the incredible thing that Masha had done, they were in shock. But they were also so happy to hear that Masha had saved the baby. Was she available for adoption? Could others help her?

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People also wanted to know what was going to happen to the baby boy that she had saved. Ever since the death of her fiance, Nela Farley has found herself plagued by a sixth sense: she understands the thoughts of cats when she looks into their eyes. Nela knows that what she's experiencing is completely irrational and tries to convince herself that she is simply transferring her own thoughts that she doesn't want to face. When her adventurous sister, Chloe, goes on a trip and asks for a favor, Nela welcomes the distraction and agrees to substitute at Chloe's job at a charitable foundation.

Chloe has arranged a place for her sister to stay, but when Nela shows up, she encounters the previous tenant's cat and gets a flash of thought: ". She loved me.